Thing #3.2 – Thoughts About Web 2.0/New Learning

In a lot of ways, I’m really interested in the ways Web 2.0 can be implemented in a writing class.  I’ve used online portfolios to showcase student work, but I think that some of these applications that allow collaboration between students, in which we are all dialoguing together, will help students begin to understand that writing is not a linear process.  Writing is, actually, a recursive process, and digital texts allow students to more easily participate in its recursiveness.  I also really like that in many ways Web 2.0 allows my students and me to be learners together.  I’m a little nervous, because while I am a fairly confident social media user in my own life, I haven’t used technology in the classroom in any extensive way.  I hope that my students will be aware that, as Katie Gamble said in her post, like technology is ever-changing, so will my classroom as I experiment with new technologies and see which will be most useful for my students.  I’m also excited about blogging to catalogue my own learning process.







Oh hi. Thing #3.1

Hello!  I’m one of the newer (-est?) members of Prince Avenue, and I’ll be teaching English to your 10th and 12th graders next year.  My name is Katy Van Wyk and for the past seven years I’ve been working on an MA and a PhD at UGA.  I’m a dissertation away from finishing my doctorate in English, and I’m writing on this guy. I’ll let you know how that goes.

My husband and I live in Winterville, and we have these:


Who guard and fiercely protect these:


I also have a cat, Stella.


Clearly, I like my animals.

I also love to garden, and my husband tilled up our whole front yard so we could have one.  We are watching and waiting for the first tomatoes of the year.  So. Excited.

I’m really looking forward to becoming part of the community at Prince Avenue, and I’m already enjoying this class.  Though I’m relatively well-versed in some aspects of social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, a personal blog through Blogger – I’m really interested in becoming more conversant in “Web 2.0,” especially as it will help me implement useful technology in the classroom.  I really want to work on how I define “useful” when it comes to useful technology.