Oh hi. Thing #3.1

Hello!  I’m one of the newer (-est?) members of Prince Avenue, and I’ll be teaching English to your 10th and 12th graders next year.  My name is Katy Van Wyk and for the past seven years I’ve been working on an MA and a PhD at UGA.  I’m a dissertation away from finishing my doctorate in English, and I’m writing on this guy. I’ll let you know how that goes.

My husband and I live in Winterville, and we have these:


Who guard and fiercely protect these:


I also have a cat, Stella.


Clearly, I like my animals.

I also love to garden, and my husband tilled up our whole front yard so we could have one.  We are watching and waiting for the first tomatoes of the year.  So. Excited.

I’m really looking forward to becoming part of the community at Prince Avenue, and I’m already enjoying this class.  Though I’m relatively well-versed in some aspects of social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, a personal blog through Blogger – I’m really interested in becoming more conversant in “Web 2.0,” especially as it will help me implement useful technology in the classroom.  I really want to work on how I define “useful” when it comes to useful technology.



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  1. Katy: This is SO clearly off topic, but I would love to know more about Cormac McCarthy. I teach mostly seniors and I have been toying with the idea of doing The Road with them. It is the most accessible of his works and I think that they may enjoy it. Good luck on your dissertation; I think that he is a tough read, but a great one. (Maybe you can tell me what really happens at the end of Blood Meridian — haha).

  2. I totally agree! And, I’d love to talk with you about him – I’ve taught The Road to college freshmen twice now, and both times it’s gone really well. They tend to love it, and they’re not really different in age than high school seniors. And you’re right – it’s definitely his most accessible novel. And, ummm, still not sure what happens at the end of Blood Meridian. But, as I’ve been reading around, it seems nobody else is either. 🙂

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