Thing #7

I spent some time looking at a bunch of the tools and ended up playing with Mindomo.  I assigned (among other books) Charles Dickens’s Hard Times for summer reading, so I made a mind map of part of Chapter 5 while I was doing my own reading.  Making the map was fun and easy.  I haven’t explored enough to see whether you and students can all collaborate on a mind map together in real time, but I think that Mindomo would be a fun thing to put on the board during a class discussion and make a mindmap of our discussion as we go – so as students bring up topics and ideas, we can put them on the mind map, and by the end of class we’ll have a visual diagram of our entire discussion.  They could perhaps use the mind map as a study tool – and if we have a course Wiki, I could post the discussion on the Wiki.  Absent students could see what we discussed that day, and students could use the map later, as I mentioned, to study or use for ideas in writing their essays.  Students could also use the program to make their own mindmaps as they are reading – we could explore how to post these to a group page so students can see one another’s ideas.

Here’s a link to the map I made.  I think Mindomo could possibly be Bang more than just Bling.

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