Thing #10

I found the videos explaining Creative Commons a relief, because I have always been perplexed by copyright issues, seeking permission, and what qualifies as “fair use.”  Which, I confess, is not a good problem for an English teacher to have.  So, now I feel like I have some resources that can teach me what I want to know about using material and giving credit where credit is due. Not that I at this point understand it.  I just feel like I could, now, if I really wanted to.  Up to this point, I have been pretty much shamelessly stealing material off of the internet to use in my classroom.  In my papers, I can attribute and cite all day long.  But, for images (really images in particular), I don’t give copyright a lot of thought.  And, I only start thinking about the fact that I probably need to learn about it when the prospect of teaching my students how to deal with using online material begins to approach…So, at least I have some resources under my belt, and I can find out this information that up to this point has eluded me.

Looking through OER Commons kind of blew my mind.  I knew about MOOCS through platforms like Coursera, but I didn’t realize there were entire courses online with all of their material available for use.  Or at least, that’s what it looked like.  For example, I found an entire English 101 course with all of its materials available for use.  Looking through it, I really would rather create my own materials, but it’s interested that materials like that are available online as resources.  Or are they?  Can I just use them?  It still isn’t very clear to me. What would prevent me from just teaching that course instead of my own?  That doesn’t seem like the best idea…do people just do that?  So, really, this module has raised more questions than answers for me, but at least I’m thinking about the issue rather than guilelessly taking material off the web without a second thought.

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